The Chemistry Department is managed by Andrew Shead (Quality Manager/Head of Chemistry) and Daniel Ryder-Bayes (Technical Manager/Laboratory Manager). Take a look at some of the services offered below.

Compost Testing

ATL has been at the forefront of compost analysis for many years, specifically PAS100 analysis.

The Publicly Available Specification 100 (BSI PAS 100) for composted materials developed by the Association for Organics Recycling (AFOR) is the minimum specification that composted materials must meet. It is a way of evaluating the safety, reliability and consistency of compost. This is required in order to achieve the independently verified Composting Association accreditation. 

BSI PAS 100 is monitored by Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) and ATL are a REAL approved laboratory for compost testing. ATL are able to offer a complete testing package for PAS100. The PAS100 regulations can be accessed via our download page.

Digestate Testing

ATL has been at the forefront of anaerobic digestion testing and consultancy services for several years and we are able to offer analysis for both feedstock and final digestate samples.  This includes all the tests required by the PAS110:2014 standard, for which ATL is certified by REAL as an approved testing laboratory, as well as evaluating potential input materials and providing advice on their suitability as feedstock for the AD process.  Our expertise has enabled customers to establish effective biogas processes while keeping the analysis costs to a minimum.  Contact us for more information and one of our team will tailor our testing to suit your requirements.

Food Testing

An extensive range of nutritional testing in compliance with the nutrition labelling provisions of EU FIC and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards.  ATL offers Group 1 and 2 nutritional suites - which are included on our UKAS accredited testing laboratory schedule of accredition - plus additional testing for minerals, rancidity, vitamins, metals and much more.  For more information, our current schedule is available in the 'Downloads' section.

Animal Feed Testing

ATL offers a range of analysis for the assessment of your animal feed, from Nutritional analysis including Moisture, Oil, Protein, Fibre and Ash, to mineral, contaminant and rancidity testing, much of which is covered by our UKAS accredited testing laboratory scope of accreditation - see our 'Downloads' section for more details.

We offer a bespoke service designed around our clients' individual needs. Help is always available, if required, with advice on sampling techniques and result interpretation. Our DEFRA approved Microbiology Department is able to provide the testing required to create a complete onsite service.

Effluents & Water

Under the Water Resources Act 1991 (amended 1995) you need permission from the Environment Agency if you want to discharge effluent. ATL are able to provide an analytical suite of tests to help you to meet this requirement, which include - but are not limited to - BOD, COD, pH, fats, oils and grease, suspended solids, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrate, phosphorus, iron, total, trace and potentially toxic elements, and total petroleum hydrocarbons.  A number of these tests are included in the UKAS accredited testing laboratory schedule of accreditation, a link to which can be found on our download page.

Water analysis includes drinking water and irrigation water suites.