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Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd

Gateway House, Ipswich Road
Needham Market, Suffolk, IP6 8EL

General Enquiries: info@alliancetechnical.co.uk

Chemistry Department: 01449 721192

Andrew Shead - Quality Manager DD: 01449 763421   andrewshead@alliancetechnical.co.uk

Daniel Ryder-Bayes - Laboratory Manager DD: 01449 763424 danielbayes@alliancetechnical.co.uk

   Sample Submission: Chemistry@alliancetechnical.co.uk


Microbiology Department: 01449 721637

Richard Page - Quality Manager DD: 01449 763417 richardpage@alliancetechnical.co.uk

Steven Farmer - Laboratory Manager DD: 01449 763419 stevenfarmer@alliancetechnical.co.uk

Daniel Clarke - Administration       danielclarke@alliancetechnical.co.uk

Sample Submission: Microbiology@alliancetechnical.co.uk