The accredited Microbiology Department is managed by Richard Page (Quality Manager/Managing Director). The UKAS accredited testing laboratory is M&S ISA and DEFRA approved. Take a look at some of the services offered below.

Food Testing

The UKAS and M&S ISA accredited testing laboratory is able to test your food products to look for a range microorganisms. Food safety or food quality testing can be applied as part of a shelf life analysis or as routine monitoring testing.

Our current UKAS schedule is available in the 'Downloads' section.

Compost & Digestate Testing

The Microbiology department is DEFRA approved and is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory for the purpose of E.coli and Salmonella tests required as part of the BSI PAS100 suite of analysis. ATL is also DEFRA approved to perform the analysis that forms part of the Animal By-Product Regulations (ABPR). The DEFRA approval certificate is available from the downloads page.

ATL offers a range of services for the Anaerobic Digestate and Biogas Industry which also includes the PAS110 testing of Salmonella and E.coli. We are also able to offer inhibition testing as part of our feed stock analysis. Our Chemistry Department is also able to provide a range of analysis for the PAS100 and PAS110 analysis.

Animal Feed Testing

ATL was the first laboratory in the UK to be a UKAS accredited testing laboratory for the updated Animal By Product Regulations. Our DEFRA approved laboratory is well experienced in testing for the required analysis, Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae. Along with our Chemistry department we are able to offer a full range of animal feed testing in house. 

Our DEFRA approval certificate can be found via our 'Downloads' page.

Water Testing

ATL is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory for testing of potable water samples. We are also able to analyse swimming pool & process water. Please take a look at our UKAS schedule to see what we are able to provide.

For official guidance on how to take a water sample, and the restrictions on times for testing (deviating samples), please take a look at our useful links on the 'Downloads' page. You will find links to the Standing Committee of Analysts (SCA) blue books from The Environment Agency and the UKAS Policy on Deviating Samples.