UKAS Accreditation Update News

In our endeavour to constantly improve the service we provide to our customers, Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd is undergoing a minor change to our UKAS accreditation. The existing UKAS number, that is presently associated with our Chemistry Department (UKAS 2320), will soon be retired and the associated methods will be merged with the existing UKAS number 2262. The 2262 number has up until now has been associated only with our Microbiology Department.

Soon a single UKAS number of 2262 will apply to the entire company, both Microbiology and Chemistry Departments.

The updated 2262 schedule and certificate will be available on our website for download, if and when you need them.

The amalgamation of the two departments into one UKAS number is part of our ongoing improvements. This change will make it easier in the future for ATL to introduce new methods and services.

We expect this to be completed by the end of October 2017.